1 May 2015 (English)

Από ανθρώπους που αγωνίζονται αληθινά!!


Worker comrades! Organizations, syndicates and trade unions of workers!

With warm regards of workers from Canton of Kobanê, the Canton of revolution, resistance and martyrs, on first of May, the commemorating day of struggle and resistance of Workers against tyranny and oppression, and exploitation of capitalism!

The revolution of Rojava, was a historical departure point in workers’ and oppressed people’s struggle in the middle east and all over the world, to repossess the political authority; and it was the revolution of women, youth and workers to establish a new system based on transition of power to people as the true owners of it. As well as our resistance against ISIS-terrorists and their international supporters is not only to protect our people’s human life and dignity, but also is the resistance to defend the achievements of revolution and self-demonstration-system which is based on radical democracy and elimination of hierarchical organizations.


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