Nigerian Shell oil spill survivors reject ‘derisory’ compensation offer

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Nigerian Shell oil spill survivors reject ‘derisory’

compensation offer


This video is about oil disaster areas in Nigeria.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Niger delta oil spill victims reject ‘derisory’ Shell compensation offer

London court may now decide how much firm should pay 11,000 fishermen and others who lost incomes when pipeline burst

John Vidal in Port Harcourt

Friday 13 September 2013 16.28 BST

Niger delta communities devastated by giant oil spills from Shell pipelines have unanimously rejected a compensation offer from the company, calling it an insult, and cruel and derisory.

A court in London is now likely to decide how much the Anglo-Dutch firmshould pay 11,000 fishermen and others from the Bodo community who lost their livelihoods when the 50-year-old Shell-operated trans-Niger pipeline burst twice within a few months in…

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