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Έκκληση για βοηθεία στον Majid ο οποίος κρατειτο παράνομα πέραν των 4 χρόνων, το Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο διέταξε την απελευθέρωση του στις 22/11/2012 αλλά οι κυπριακές αρχές δεν τον αφήνουν να ζήσει με όση αξιοπρέπεια του έμεινε. Κόλλησε Ηπατίτιδα Γ στις φυλακές και είναι μετέωρος στο πουθενά. Επιστολή στον Υπ Εσ και κοινοποίηση Ευρ Επιτροπή, Διεθνή Αμνηστία, Επίτροπο Διοικήσεως Future World Center


Επιστολή Majid προς Υπ Εσ 23 Αυγ 2013-page-001



Επιστολή Majid προς Υπ Εσ 23 Αυγ 2013-page-002


Επισυναπτόμενα επιστολής Majid προς Υπ Εσ 23 Αυγ 2013


Η επιστολή με όλα τα επισυναπτόμενα έγγραφα παραδόθηκε δια χειρός στο Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών και στάλθηκε με φαξ αλλά και με e mail στην Ευρωπαική Επιτροπή, στην Διεθνή Αμνηστία, στην Επίτροπο Διοικήσεως και στην ΜΚΟ Future World Center.

Το επεξηγηματικό κείμενο που στάλθηκε με e mail με όχι και τόσο καλά αγγλικά είναι το εξής:

I am writing on behalf of my client, Iranian Majid Eajadi who, have tried to take
refuge in Cyprus.

He was put in prison for more than 4 years waiting his deportation!

His deportation was not possible in any case because Majid did not posses a passport
and the Iranian government do not issue travel documents for their citizens they do
not wish that.

On the 22 of November 2012 the Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court, Nicolatos, on
his very important judgment order the immediate release of Majid on the basis that
the deportation was way to long without actually having the possibility to take place
and for that reason is illegal. (Judgment is Attached)

Majid was released and the Ministry of Interior issue a document with terms in order
for him to take a six months residence card.

The main term was to issue a passport, despite the authorities knew that Majid has
repeatably express his fear that if he go back he will be killed or be tortured.

Majid caught the virus of Hepatitis C on the prison facilities he was put in
according to the clinical report attached.

So, for the past one year Majid is a sick  invisible man without the chance to live a
decent life because of the attitude of the Cypriots authorities.

Majid was accepted to a very big carpet company as his experience on carpets is a
rare one, but he could not work because he did not provide any residence card and
permission to work.  

Majid is suffering because of the decisions of the Cypriots authorities that they do
not allow him to work and have as if its possible a decent life.

So we are asking from the Ministry to give him this chance

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