CyBc radio 15/11/13 interview from Rosie Charalambous Cyprus: Violations of fundemantal rights-Cyprus Mail: Migration has had a licence to abuse its powers for too long

Families split as parents detained

Families split as parents detained
Despite being the father of a girl with his Bulgarian wife, migration department claims that Muhammad Nadeem’s marriage is one of convenience

By Poly Pantelides

TWO top state officials are investigating several cases involving children whose parents have been illegally detained under threat of deportation by the migration department.

Ombudswoman, Eliza Savvidou, and the Child Commissioner, Leda Koursoumba, have highlighted a number of shocking cases in which the migration department have left teenagers to fend for themselves after detaining both parents, or have deprived children of at least one parent on charges of marriage of convenience based on false or flimsy evidence.

“We are observing a growing harshness of attitude by the migration department that is possibly related to the xenophobic climate that is being developed in Cyprus,” Savvidou told the Sunday Mail this week.

Complaints over alleged mistreatment by the migration department have been on the increase in the past year, she said. Just last year, her office received almost 300 complaints over the migration department alone.

One case involves a three-year-old girl who has been deprived of her Bulgarian mother and Pakistani father because the migration department claims the couple’s marriage is one of convenience. However a DNA test has proven paternity, while the migration department claimed the woman was pregnant when she got married, even though her daughter was born eleven months after their marriage.

Following an August news report in daily newspaper Simerini, the Child Commissioner wrote to the interior ministry and police over the seeming violations of child protection laws, while the Ombudswoman asked for the mother’s immediate release. Three months later, Zoya Mitova Margaritova remains in detention. Muhammad Zeshan Nadeem, her husband and proven father of their daughter Laiba, was arrested last week.

Savvidou said the migration department could not justify claims of a marriage of convenience when a DNA test proved fatherhood and has sent yet another letter this week asking for the parents’ immediate release. The Child Commissioner’s office has also written again to authorities.

Another case involves a 15-year-old living alone because her Chinese parents are held in the holding facility in Menoyia for immigrants awaiting deportation. Her story was one of the examples raised of alleged abuse of power during a discussion this week attended by Savvidou.

Those present were told the girl was unwilling to take up on the welfare department’s offer of a home and lives alone in her family’s apartment, according to founder of non-governmental organisation Cyprus Stop Trafficking, Androulla Christofidou-Henriques.

In an open letter to the head of migration Anny Shakallis, who did not take up the invitation to attend to the event, she wrote: “I find it very hard that a mother could make such a harsh choice, to deprive a child of its [own] mother,” Christofidou-Henriques said.

Savvidou said authorities could have chosen different arrangements to keep the family intact or at least to let the mother free after confiscating her travel documents and asking her to regularly report to police.

Carmella and Fadel Hijazie

Carmella and Fadel Hijazie

“It makes no sense to keep [the mother] in prison and leave the child alone to roam the streets. They must understand their responsibilities, if something happens it will be the Cypriot Republic that will be accountable,” she said.

In another case, a young couple have approached the Sunday Mail because the husband, a Lebanese married to a British woman, has been held in Menoyia since March, kept away from his young children as he also awaits deportation. Fadel and Carmella Hijazie have been living in Cyprus for six years and have two boys, three-year-old Alex and eight-month-old Luca. Carmella’s parents own property in Cyprus (Carmella has Greek Cypriot roots), and Fadel has been paying social insurance contributions. But Fadel has been away from his family for over seven months and was detained just a month after his youngest son was born. Their lawyer Andreas Pelecanos said the relevant authorities have not explained their decisions to detain and deport Fadel.

His Supreme Court appeal keeps getting postponed while he waits in detention. The latest court date is for December.

“Basically he is a foreigner and they want him out irrespective of the fact he has a European wife with two children,” Carmella said. “So has this country completely gone to the dogs that they are now looking to separate perfectly happy and healthy families?”

The law says depriving children of their parents, and detaining people for deportation should be a measure of last resort. But even the courts are sometimes too slow to act.

For example, in late October a Pakistani man and father of a half-Cypriot child was deported because the Supreme Court would not issue a same-day interim order to stop authorities from deporting him, his lawyer Michalis Paraskevas said. Instead, the judge set a November 5 case to hear the case, too late for the four-year-old child and his father.

“In this, the judge was complicit in depriving a child of his father,” Paraskevas said, adding that Supreme Court judges tended to be very tolerant of the “migration department’s arbitrary policies”.

The length of detention for purposes of deportation should be up to six months, although the Sunday Mail has previously reported on cases of lengthy detention, such as the 47-year-old Iranian scientist who was held for over nine months. According to human rights’ laws, the courts should process such cases as quick as possible.

Paraskevas, who is also the lawyer of the parents of three-year-old Laiba, is not the only one who has been issuing warnings.

Pelecanos, Fadel and Carmella’s lawyer, said arrest and deportation orders tend to be arbitrary. The orders take

Carmella and her sons Alex and Luca

Carmella and her sons Alex and Luca

a person’s freedom away, sever family ties, and take people’s jobs away, he said. Authorities also break the law by delaying processing the cases in the Supreme Court. And because the Supreme Court only looks at the administrative nature of the issue, i.e. the legality of a previous order, the migration department simply issues a new order, “so they don’t have to release successful applicants, who grow weary waiting for a new hearing, again while in detention,” Pelecanos said.
Despite repeated phonecalls Anny Shakallis did not respond to a request for comment.
How migration breaks the law

The migration department and the interior ministry that signs off its department’s decisions, tend to contravene a vast array of European directives, human rights directives, and case law, all meant to protect people and families.

One such contravention relates to “attributing an assumption of marriage of convenience to every mixed marriage” where one partner has not sorted their migration papers yet, an Ombudswoman report from February said.

The report said EU case law directly opposed a sweeping approach in such matters, such as the one the migration department adopts. The same report refers to a Supreme Court decision talking of the “legalistic way” in which migration department treated one third country national. He had been waiting for a year for a necessary document certifying he had not been married before, so he could marry his partner, a naturalised Cypriot.

Instead, when he got randomly arrested, he was immediately handed with a deportation order. The court said the department did not act in good faith, did not act within reasonable timeframes and took advantage of an irrelevant set of events. The court called migration to respect the rights of people, as enshrined in the country’s constitution and European laws. Meanwhile, the European Commission reminded its member states in 2011 they should not be conducting systematic checks on marriages of convenience, but could only investigate “isolated cases where there are well-founded suspicions of abuse [of the law]”.

Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou said they understand the need to deal with real cases of marriages of convenience. But she added that even when the data does not point to a marriage of convenience, there were instances of Cypriots married to a foreigner, whether EU citizens or otherwise, who were put under “huge inconveniences” of the like of knocking on people’s door to check if they live together, checking their personal items, and asking intimate questions about their sex life.

“There’s a sort of sweep operation going on, if I may use that term,” she said.

The migration department often delays responding to the Ombudswoman’s investigations, sometimes needing five reminders before getting back, and even then, responses are not always adequate, Savvidou said.

Other policies, such as forcing mixed race couples to prove paternity via DNA tests are not based on any laws, Savvidou has said in her annual report.

In her own annual reports Child Commissioner Leda Koursoumba has highlighted the absence by the state of a comprehensive policy on migration, and even a “refusal” by the relevant authorities to implement what is meant to be binding by law.

“There have been cases where both parents of children were detained for the purpose of deportation,” Koursoumba said in her annual report. In her 2011 report she also mentioned complaints by families whose main breadwinner was detained for deportation, leaving the family vulnerable without a financial income.

Koursoumba has called the state – from which the migration department’s policies are ultimately derived – for a comprehensive policy so that matters involving children are regulated with clarity and in accordance to children’s rights.

Our View: Migration has had a licence to abuse its powers for too long

Our View: Migration has had a licence to abuse its powers for too longDespite being the father of a girl with his Bulgarian wife, migration department claims that Muhammad Nadeem’s marriage is one of convenience

THE MIGRATION Department has always been a law unto itself. With discretionary powers it exercises as a matter of routine, rather than in exceptional cases, it operates as like a government department of a totalitarian regime, in which no individual rights were recognised and rule of law was an irrelevance. Concepts like accountability and transparency are unheard of as everyone, from the director down to the last official, can take the most outrageous decision with impunity.

Several of the Department’s abuses were highlighted in a report in the last issue of the Sunday Mail, which quoted the Ombudswoman, Eliza Savvidou as saying that complaints against migration officials had been on the increase in the past year. Savvidou said: “We are observing a growing harshness of attitude by the migration department that is possibly related to the xenophobic climate that is being developed in Cyprus.” The Ombudswoman also mentioned how the department often failed to respond to requests for information relating to cases and when it did, this was inadequate.

In the cases reported by the Sunday Mail, the main charge made by the department against foreigners was that they had entered a ‘marriage of convenience’. A Lebanese man has been held at the Menoyia centre for seven months, awaiting deportation, on the grounds that he had entered a marriage of convenience with an EU citizen. The couple have two young children (aged 3 and 8 months) but the migration department has decreed that he was in a marriage of convenience and had to be deported.

In another case, a Pakistani man who had a child with a Bulgarian woman and proved he was the father by DNA test, was arrested for deportation because he had entered a marriage of convenience according to migration. That married couples with children are accused of entering a marriage of convenience, is an illustration of how migration officers abuse their powers.

Savvidou said the migration officials would go to people’s homes to check if they lived together, examine their personal items and ask questions about their sex life to establish if they were in a marriage of convenience. Nobody is saying there are no marriages of convenience, aimed at fooling the authorities, but the migration department cannot act indiscriminately, bringing such accusations against whomever it chooses, including couples with families. Do people have ‘children of convenience’ as well?

The problem is that the Department has had a licence to abuse its powers for too long. For more than a decade it has had the same director, who has come to believe – with ample justification as nobody ever challenges her autocratic behaviour – that she can do as she pleases. This attitude is the ethos of the migration department and there will be no change unless the director is replaced and its powers restricted.

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Fighting the system

Fighting the system

Far from having his eyes glaze over when meeting a lawyer specialising in ill treated migrants THEO PANAYIDES meets an energetic anarchist

A few hours after meeting Michalis Paraskevas, I realise it’s impossible to explain to friends and colleagues why I’m so impressed with him. It’s a sad fact of life that people’s eyes glaze over when they hear words like ‘migrants’ and ‘human rights’, and that’s what 36-year-old Michalis does – he’s a lawyer specialising in cases of ill-treated migrants. It didn’t sound like the most exciting interview, at least on paper. I fully expected to be nodding piously while being lectured on how we can all Do Better – but instead I got rage, charisma and waves of furious energy. You wouldn’t think a small, second-floor office on a quiet Nicosia side-street could contain so much energy.

He spits out statute, precedent and relevant statistics with impressive felicity. “I know the law. I know their system – OK?” he explains, ‘they’ being the banks, vested interests and “media of mass deception” behind the system. That “OK?” is one of his repeated phrases (carrying a slight edge, as if to say ‘You got a problem with that?’, an impression reinforced by his savage crew-cut and prominent features), another being “re koumbare”, the Cypriot version of ‘mate’. But it’s not just what Michalis says that makes an impact – it’s also the way his green eyes flash, or the way he’ll rock back and forth in his chair as if about to explode, or the way he’ll bang a fist down on his desk to underline a point, or the way he’ll raise his arms, as if offering himself to an invisible firing squad, when he says something like “I’m an anarchist! Yes, I-am-an-anarchist! But I don’t mean Molotov cocktails and shit like that – OK?”.

Above all, perhaps, it’s the way his mobile phone keeps ringing – eight or nine times in the 90 minutes I spend in his office (there are no secretaries or other lawyers; he’s completely alone, maybe because helping migrants isn’t exactly lucrative work). Most of the calls relate to ongoing cases, though one is from his older brother Marios, who’s just arrived from Greece; there’s also a younger brother who – like Michalis – studied Law in Thessaloniki, the Greek influence being very strong because that’s the kind of family he grew up in, a nationalist family that flew the Greek flag and was proud of it (his dad was a teacher, his mother a school administrator). “My childhood influences were ‘Greece, Cyprus, Enosis’,” he recalls – and he’s outgrown that phase but retains a certain nostalgia: he runs a blog at (there’s also a YouTube channel at, where he uploads videos on a regular basis), the ‘55’ standing, symbolically, for 1955, the year of EOKA. And the ‘osr’? That stands for ‘Only Solution, Revolution’.

It’s easy to scoff at such fiery posturing – but Michalis is one step ahead of the scoffers. “That’s automatism,” he points out when he talks of anarchist communities in Catalonia in 1936 and I wonder (as most people would) if that can really work in the long term. “What you just did there is an automatic response, which we’ve been taught by our family, the schools, the media of mass deception. An automatic response. Automatically, as soon as you hear something like that, you’re like ‘Oh, but human nature…’ and crap like that”. Anarchism can work, he believes, citing not just Catalans but Native American tribes – anarchism in the strict sense of living without a central authority. One of his dreams, which he and his wife are slowly putting into practice, is to build a house that’s entirely “autonomous”, with its own solar power, generators and a plot of land to grow vegetables and raise chickens; “So I won’t need anyone, neither governments nor corporations”.

But the real reason why it’s hard to scoff at Michalis’ revolutionary talk is because he’s not spouting these ideals from the comfort of a desk job or trust fund: he’s in the trenches, fighting the system – so he says – every day and twice on the weekend. He mentions lots of cases in the course of our 90 minutes, most of them punctuated with indignant cries of “they’re crazy, re koumbare!”. The case of the Iranian migrant who spent 55 months in jail while his case was pending. The case of Senthil Thevathas, a former Tamil rebel deported back to Sri Lanka (where he’s now hiding out, trying to avoid execution) – even though the Supreme Court specifically ordered that Thevathas shouldn’t be deported till his case had been examined, an order that was simply ignored by the Department of Migration. The case of a Syrian mother and her 12-year-old child, who only wanted to go to Sweden – and tried to leave Cyprus with a fake passport, which admittedly was wrong, but Migration’s response was to arrest her, leave the child to fend for itself, and order her deported back to war-torn Syria!

profile2-immigrants in nicosia

immigrants in nicosia

Migration is clearly his nemesis; the Department, says Michalis scathingly, “operates like a common racist”. Most of what he says about department head Anny Shakalli is unfortunately libellous, though he doesn’t care: “Let her sue me, no problem” (he’s already been hauled before disciplinary boards twice, and won his case on both occasions). The stories he tells offer few fist-pumping triumphs; mostly they involve applications for habeas corpus being dismissed, judges being apathetic (or worse), Michalis ranting and raving at heartless officials – all while migrants rot in jail and weep copiously. “Why are you treating us this way?” he recalls the Syrian woman asking, and shakes his head: “I was ashamed. I was ashamed of my country.”

But after all, I venture, there’s a crisis now. We don’t have room for migrants.

“That’s ridiculous!” he snaps back. “First of all, there’s a war in Syria. You think they know Cyprus, and they’re coming here for the halloumi? Most Syrians – maybe 99.9 per cent – want to go to Sweden or Germany. They don’t want to stay in this stinking place!”.

What’s his opinion of Cypriots generally?

“They’re skatopsyshi,” he replies vehemently, meaning they have ‘shit for souls’. “We’re among the most skatopsyshi nations. This society is rotten to the core, there’s no sense of solidarity – you can see that by how they treat the weakest. This society, when they see a weak person lying on the ground, they’ll go and kick them when they’re down. That’s all I have to say”.

The phone rings again. It’s one of his current cases (he has about 80 ongoing cases, which explains why he’s usually in the office from early morning) – an EU citizen married to an Asian man. They have a three-year-old child, with a legally-issued birth certificate naming the man as the father – but the authorities now claim it’s a marriage of convenience, and when the woman went to find out why she wasn’t allowed to work “our friends the stinking cops, the dirtbags, arrested her right in front of her child. Even though you aren’t allowed to jail a mother even for a criminal offence, only for drugs. And she’s a European citizen!” The woman’s been in jail since August 6 (it’s now September 20) – and indeed they’d been planning to deport her that same day, leaving the child behind. “They’re such liars, re koumbare, they’re such liars. I mean, they claim the man isn’t the father – so what, you’re going to leave the child with a stranger?” Michalis intervened, and blocked the deportation – but this morning, right before our interview, had an application for an interim order dismissed by a judge.

“Yes, hi,” he says on the phone now. His English isn’t perfect, and the woman is clearly distraught. “I’m – yes, Michalis, your lawyer, yes…”

A long pause. He listens.

“Listen, listen to me,” he says at last. “Today the judge, unfortunately, they reject the application. We have to make another application. But this will take at least one month…”

Another long pause.

“Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me. I understand. Don’t – listen – when they call you, don’t talk with these people. Don’t talk to them. Tell them ‘call my lawyer’. You understand what I’m telling you?”

Another pause. He raises his voice, as if to drown out her wailing.

“Don’t talk – listen – listen to me very carefully, what I’m gonna tell you. When these people call you, and they say that is from the Immigration, tell them ‘I have a lawyer. Don’t talk with me, talk to my lawyer’. And turn off the telephone. OK? I will make another application on Monday, and we will see what happens…”

He goes on for a few more minutes, ending with a promise to visit her later today at the detention centre where she’s being held “in the middle of nowhere”. It must take its toll, dealing with such cases day after day, trying to calm the distraught and desperate – but Michalis Paraskevas wouldn’t be half as impressive if he were simply doing good work, or even if his anger were a bitter, unhappy kind of anger. What’s great, and invigorating, is the way his anger is creative. It nurtures and sustains him, and goes hand-in-hand – despite everything – with dreams of a better future.

“I have no delusions on what I can offer,” he admits. “Anyone who thinks world revolution is going to start from Cyprus is out of his mind”. But he is nonetheless an anarchist – or a “libertarian socialist,” as he likes to call it – trying to be what 19th-century writer Peter Kropotkin called a “revolutionary spirit” (Kropotkin is one of his influences, along with Bakunin, Malateste and Berkman; he found their texts online, the internet being the new revolutionary frontier). “Nothing is ever lost,” he asserts. “Every struggle leaves something behind”. Even when it feels like he’s banging his head against a brick wall, he can make a tiny difference, or inspire some younger person. “Another world is possible,” he says. “It doesn’t mean it’s coming tomorrow, nor the day after. Maybe I won’t even be alive.” But the hope – the conviction – is there.

Michalis is an athlete. That’s important to note: he’s been cycling all his life, was a Cyprus champion in his teens, won the silver for the whole of Northern Greece during his college years. He talks like an athlete, as when speaking of a televised debate he had with MP Zacharias Koulias: “I demolished him in five minutes!” he says gleefully. “With arguments,” he adds, as if he and Koulias might’ve arm-wrestled instead, or raced their bikes. When he thinks about his life – his work, his beliefs, the seemingly inviolable System – I suspect he thinks like an athlete: it’s all about stamina and determination, and refusing to give up till you’ve wheeled across the finish line.

“Everyone makes their choices in this life,” says Michalis firmly. He cites Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek leftist killed by Golden Dawn supporters in Greece recently; not that he himself wants to die, he adds quickly, but that’s what you do, “you do what you believe in and hope for the best… Today we’re alive, tomorrow we’re not. It goes without saying that I have plans for the future, I want to start a family – but everyone makes their choices. If you want to be a slave, and a worm, and to crawl, then go ahead and do it, my friend – but I don’t accept that. OK? I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and let them do what they want to me.”

Some may despise him, and that’s okay too: “You see how I am as a person: you either like me or you don’t like me!” But the point is revolution, and “revolution begins in the mind,” he says earnestly. “I chose to be in society. I’m in the system – I’m a lawyer, obviously – and I’m fighting within this system.

“You know what the easiest thing in the world is, Theo? To wear torn clothes, and grow my hair Rasta-style, and go get my fix” – he makes the universal gesture for puffing on a joint – and say ‘I’m an anarchist’. No, my friend, that’s not being an anarchist. An anarchist is a fighting man, who’s fighting for a better society”. Like I said, impressive.

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Το ψευδοκράτος και η κατοχή ……

Originally posted on -osr- τίποτε δεν χαρίζεται..... όλα κερδίζονται μόνο όταν τα διεκδικούμε και τα θέλουμε αληθινά:

Σήμερα πρώτοι απ΄όλους οι μαθητές μας θα ακούσουν πύρινους λόγους περί ψευδοκράτους και παρανομίας 

Θα ακούσουν περί κατεχόμενης πατρίδας 

περί μη σεβασμού των ανθρωπίνων δικαιωμάτων


θα ακούσουν  καταγγελτικούς λόγους καταπέλτες λεκτικούς εναντίον όλων  αυτών των υποκριτών που δεν στηρίζουν τον αγώνα μας και δεν βασίζονται σε αρχές και αξίες αλλά πολύ περισσότερο στο διεθνές δίκαιο και τους νόμους και κανόνες λόγω των ιδιοτελών τους συμφερόντων

θα ακούσουν περί βάρβαρους που καταπατούν τα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα και φυλακίζουν ανθρώπους χωρίς δίκη και χωρίς να τηρούν τους νόμους και τους κανόνες της ευρωπαικής ένωσης και της διεθνούς κοινότητας 

και μετά όλοι μαζικά θα τρέξουν στο πλησιέστερο καφέ

Η υποκρισία της κυπριακής κοινωνίας και η σιωπή της  είναι εκκωφαντική

Ας συνεχίσουμε να κρύβουμε το κεφάλι μας στην άμμο

Κανένα νεότερο ακόμα για τους υπόλοιπους κρατούμενους στο μπλοκ 10 και στα κρατητήρια Λακατάμιας

Χτες υπήρξε έντονη συζήτηση με λειτουργό της Επιτρόπου…

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ΣΟΥΗΔΙA: «Εγωιστική και ξενοφοβική η Νορβηγία»! αναδημοσίευση από την Έλβα…το περιβόητο σκανδιναβικό μοντέλο βασίζεται και αυτό στην φτώχεια των άλλων

Η Έλβα είναι Ελληνίδα μετανάστρια που ζει με την οικογένεια της στην Σουηδία και είναι η διαχειρίστρια ενός πολύ σημαντικού για μένα μπλοκ του

Το θεωρώ πολύ σημαντικό ακριβώς γιατί ρίχνει φως εκ των έσω ζώντας εκεί για ίσως την πιο εξιδανικευμένη περιοχή του πλανήτη και με τον θρύλο του περιβόητου σκανδιναβικού μοντέλου να κυριαρχεί

Κατά καιρούς αναδημοσιεύω κείμενα της Έλβα ιδίως όσον αφορά άρθρα που απομυθοποιούν αυτόν τον θρύλο ούτως ώστε να διαλύονται και οι ψευδαισθήσεις που υπάρχουν ότι μπορεί να υπάρξουν τάχα νησίδες ελευθερίας δημοκρατίας κλπ σε έναν αδίστακτο καπιταλιστικό κόσμο

Η Νορβηγία πατρίδα του ναζι μαζικού δολοφόνου Μπρέιβικ συνεχίζει δυστυχώς στο ίδιο μοτίβο



Ο δημοσιογραφος της Aftonbladet, Ehsan Fadakar, εγραψε χθες ενα αρθρο για τη Νορβηγία, που περιγραφει τη χωρα ως εγωιστική και ξενοφοβική, το οποιο αναφερω στη  συνεχεια, επειδη σημερα οπως διαβαζω πυροδοτησε μια ακομη αντιπαραθεση με τη γειτονικη, προς τα δυτικά (μας), χωρα. Το αρθρο ξεκιναει ως εξης:
«Όσο περισσότερο διαβάζω για τη Νορβηγία , τόσο περισσότερο πείθομαι ότι το Νορβηγικο κοινωνικό κλίμα είναι εντελως σάπιο. Είναι σαν να μη συνεβει ποτε ο Anders Behring Breivik.Ειπε ακομη οτι στη Νορβηγια το Ισλαμ εξισωνεται με τον ναζισμο, μιλησε για την υπουργό Οικονομικών Siv Jensen , ηγετη του κομματος της προοδου, η οποια κατεβηκε στις κάλπες με σκοπο να διωξει τους Ρομά.
Η πλουσιότερη χώρα στον κόσμο, αντιμετωπίζει τους φτωχότερους ανθρώπους στην Ευρώπη, όπως τα ζώα, εγραψε ο Ιρανικης καταγωγης δημοσιογραφος Ehsan Fadakar, ο οποιος κατηγορει επισης το σοσιαλιστικο (!) κομμα της Νορβηγιας για τη προταση τουςπρος τις αρχές να πηγαινουν δλδ στα σπίτι των μειονοτήτων και να κανουν ακροασεις εκει συμπεριφορά για να  διασφαλιστεί ότι οι κάτοικοι « δεν παραβιάζουν τις νορβηγικες βασικές αξίες και νορμες».
Ειπε οτι η Νορβηγία θελει να φαίνεται μια «εκπληκτικη χωρα» .
Κατηγορει επισης τον πρωην Πρωθυπουργο της Νορβηγιας Jens Stoltenberg,  (τον οποιο ηθελε ο Breivik να σκοτωσει), οτι υπερασπίστηκε το ακροδεξιο κομμα της προοδου (!) καλεσμενος σε ενα talk show oταν ο Koυρδος κωμικός Özz Nûjen κατηγορησε το κομμα αυτο ως ρατσιστικο, κατι που η Νορβηγικη τηλεοραση αργοτερα επελεξε να «κοψει», ενω η Σουηδικη προβαλλε ολη τη συζητηση. Ειπε επισης οτι «το να γίνει μια χωρα  πλούσια σε πετρέλαιο είναι σαν να κερδίσει κανεις το λαχείο. Μπορεί να ζεις καλά, αλλά που να παρει ο διαολος αυτο δεν σε κανει καλύτερο από οποιονδήποτε άλλον!
Πριν από το πετρέλαιο, γραφει ο δημοσιογραφος, η χώρα ήταν φτωχή. Μετά το πετρέλαιο, η χώρα έχει βεβαια χρήματα, αλλά τιποτα περισσότερο από αυτό . Δεν εχουν εταιρειες οπως Ikea, Ericsson, ουτε Nokia. Ποια είναι η συμβολή των Νορβηγων στον κόσμο, ρωταει το αρθρο. Είναι η κακομαθημενη νεολαια τους, που ουτε να να δουλέψουν δεν θελουν; Oι Νορβηγοι είναι καλοι μονο σε ένα πράγμα : Να φροντίζουν τον εαυτό τους . Ή όπως Νορβηγη δημοσιογράφος Åsna Seierstad με ακρίβεια συνοψίζει τη Νορβηγική ψυχή :«Είναι οτι πολλοι θελουν να εχουν πολλα περισσότερα. Και δεν θέλουμε να τα μοιραστούμε με άλλους». Εξηγεί , επίσης, και το γιατί η νέα κυβέρνηση της Νορβηγίας δεχεται πλέον, τον μισο αριθμό προσφύγων από τη Συρία, μονο 500».
Οπως ηταν αναμενομενο εκατοντάδες θυμωμένα e-mails γραφηκαν για το αρθρο,

- Δειχνει πολυ χαλαρη γνώση σχετικά με τη Νορβηγία και αναρωτιέμαι αν εχει ερθει ποτέ εδώ , ειπε η  διασημη στο Βορρα Νορβηγη συγγραφέας-ρεπορτερ, Åsne Seierstad, η οποια προσφατα εγραψε  το βιβλιο«Ενας απο εμας», για τη ζωη του Breivik.

Δεν είναι το είδος των γενικεύσεων που o Ehsan χρησιμοποιεί ακριβώς αυτό που οδηγεί στην ξενοφοβία; Ειπε η Seierstad.
Ο πρωταγωνιστής της νέας διαμάχης με τους γείτονες, Ehsan Fadakar, ειπε:
-Υπήρξαν πολλά e-mails και πολλα σχολια στο twitter. Ότι είμαι μεταναστης στη Σουηδια και οτι γράφω για τη Νορβηγία φαίνεται να προκαλεί πολλους. Στο μεταξύ, έχω μεγαλη υποστήριξη τόσο από Νορβηγούς οσο και απο Σουηδούς, λέει.
Μπορείτε να καταλάβετε ότι οι άνθρωποι αναστατωθηκαν, ακουσε να του λενε.
– Φυσικά και το ξερω , αλλά ετσι συμβαινει συχνα ειπε. Μια μικρή κριτική για πρωινό νομιζω οτι μπορουν να τα βγαλουν περα οι Νορβηγοι. Γράφεις ότι οι Νορβηγοί είναι σαν τους νικητές στο λοττο. Δεν είναι μαλλον υπερβολικο ;

- Όχι , δεν νομίζω.

Έχεις πάει στη Νορβηγία ποτέ;

- Ναι , πολλές φορές . Ο καθημερινος ρατσισμός είναι πιο διαδεδομένος εκει από ό, τι υπάρχει στη Σουηδία . Η χρήση λεξεων οπως « negro » είναι κοινή . Γι αυτο ο πρόεδρος του Συμβούλιο της Νορβηγικής γλώσσας βγήκε μόλις χθες και προσπάθησε να εξηγήσει ότι κάποιοι μπορεί να παρεξηγηθουν! Ζουμε στο 2013 !
Πώς νομίζετε ότι θα σας βλεπουν οι Νορβηγοί μετά από αυτο το αρθρο;
– Μου ειναι μάλλον αδιαφορο. Το σημαντικο είναι το πώς Νορβηγοί θεωρούν τους εαυτούς τους και ποια ειναι η θέση τους . Και ίσως να αρχίσουν να συμπεριφέρονται ανάλογα . Ότι η πλουσιότερη χώρα στον κόσμο θελει να απελάσει τους φτωχότερους οπουδήποτε είναι απλά ντροπή! Ότι δύο χρόνια μετά τον Breivik, ν ακους κραυγες για «εξισλαμισμό» από τη κυβερνηση, είναι απλά αρρωστημενο!
Πηγη Aftonbladet


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Το πρόγραμμα του αναρχικού διημέρου 2013

Originally posted on Anarchy press gr:


Το πρόγραμμα προβολών και συζητήσεων που θα γίνει στο αναρχικό διήμερο, που λαμβάνει χώραν κατά την διάρκεια των εκδηλώσεων μνήμης για τα 40 χρόνια από την εξέγερση του Νοεμβρίου 1973 έχει ως ακολούθως:

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Περί θεου-αθεου Ο 10χρονος με τα αρμάνι γυαλιά τζαι την λουί βιλλόν τσάντα που πάει σε…αγρυπνία τζαι που μικρός η μάμμα μαθαίνει τον να είναι δούλος στην κάθε εξουσία τζαι φιλά το χέρι ως δούλος του κάθε Ττόμη Βου του business man

Originally posted on -osr- τίποτε δεν χαρίζεται..... όλα κερδίζονται μόνο όταν τα διεκδικούμε και τα θέλουμε αληθινά:

Πριν λίγες μέρες σε σπίτι αγαπημένων μου προσώπων τρώγαμε και μιλούσαμε γελούσαμε κλπ

καταφτάνουν τότε δύο παιδάκια το ένα 12 χρονών και το άλλο 10 χρονων πανέξυπνα με συνεχή επαφή με το ιντερνετ και όσα αυτό προσφέρει

μιλούσαν με τον παππού και την γιαγιά για την …………. αγρυπνία που τους πήρε η …μαμμά!!!!!!

και όταν το 10χρονο παιδάκι που ξενύχτησε στην αγρυπνία με περηφάνια δήλωσε στον παππού ότι φίλησε και το χέρι του πατερ του αρχιεπίσκοπου

εκεί ψιλοάναψα και λέω ” μα του ττόμη του βου; του τύπου με τα γένια τζαι τα μαύρα;;

ο παππούς ένας πράος από τους πιο καλόψυχους ανθρώπους που γνωρίζω στην ζωή μου έτοιμος να κάνει το καλό για όλους τους ανθρώπους

αυτός ο άνθρωπος αντέδρασε βίαια………. ναι ναι δεν μας νοιάζει τι κάμνει είναι ότι εκπροσωπεί τον χριστούλη και τον θεό

μα να σέβονται έναν άνθρωπο αισχρό που εκμεταλλεύκεται τους ανθρώπους τζαι κάμνει τα…

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Video Ο Μιχαλάκης Τριανταφυλλίδης προεδρος Ανωτάτου Δικατηρίου, Γενικός Εισαγγελέας αδελφός Σόλωνα Τριανταφυλλίδη προέδρου ΔΣ Τράπεζας Κύπρου, ο πρόεδρος Ανωτάτου Πέτρος Αρτέμης αδελφός προέδρου ΔΣ Τράπεζας Κύπρου, πρόεδρος Τάσσος Παπαδόπουλος δικηγόρος Λαικής Τράπεζας, Κρις Τριανταφυλλίδης εξάδελφος Πολυβίου και Χαρίλαου Σταυράκη όλοι της Τράπεζας Κύπρου κλπ κλπ

Ο Μιχαλάκης Τριανταφυλλίδης προεδρος Ανωτάτου Δικατηρίου, Γενικός Εισαγγελέας αδελφός Σόλωνα Τριανταφυλλίδη προέδρου ΔΣ Τράπεζας Κύπρου, ο πρόεδρος Ανωτάτου Πέτρος Αρτέμης αδελφός προέδρου ΔΣ Τράπεζας Κύπρου, πρόεδρος Τάσσος Παπαδόπουλος δικηγόρος Λαικής Τράπεζας, Κρις Τριανταφυλλίδης εξάδελφος Πολυβίου και Χαρίλαου Σταυράκη όλοι της Τράπεζας Κύπρου κλπ κλπ
Θυμάστε τα παπαγαλάκια δημοσιοκάφρους με πρωτοσέλιδα που έγραφαν “Οι τράπεζες ΜΑΣ πέρασαν τα τεστ” και άλλες μπαρούφες; Ο ΑΧΑΠΑΡΟΣ ασχετος Ορφανίδης της Κεντρικής Τράπεζας λέει δεν είναι ώρα για ευθύνες τώρα που οι τοκογλύφοι τους καταρρέουν με 5+ΔΙΣ ζημιές… ενώ τον Ιούλη μετά το Μαρί ήταν… ΚΑΙ αχάπαρος ΚΑΙ ξεφτίλας

Η μεγάλη κοροιδία εις βάρος των εργαζομένων με στοιχεία και ντοκουμέντα από τον προυπολογισμό…. Οι εργαζόμενοι πληρώνουν τους ίδιους φόρους με ΟΛΕΣ τις εταιρείες που δραστηριοποιούνται σητν Κύπρο

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Ψήφισε για την Μαρία Νεφέλη να μεταβεί για άμεση νοσηλεία στις ΗΠΑ που είναι η τελευταία της ελπίδα για ζωή…Πίεση προς τον Υπουργό Υγείας Πετρίδη

Αν και θεωρώ ότι όλες αυτές οι αιτήσεις λειτουργούν απλά ως άλλοθι στον κάθε βολεμένο ανθρωπάκο που νομίζει ότι από τον καναπέ του μπορεί να αλλάξει οτιδήποτε απλά γράφοντας και κάνοντας κλικ και λαικ στο ιντερνετ στην προκειμένη περίπτωση θεωρώ ότι εξυπηρετεί πρακτικά και θα ασκήσει ουσιαστική πίεση, ιδίως όταν υπογράψει κάποιος επώνυμα


Από email που έλαβα από τον αγωνιστή απεργό επί 175 μέρες κύριο Χρ. Ανδρέου:



Ψήφισε και εσύ για τη Μαρία-Νεφέλη

Ξεκίνησε ένα δημοψήφισμα στο διαδίκτυο για την πολυταλαιπωρημένη νεαρή Μαρία-Νεφέλη Δημητρίου η οποία  πάσχει από μια πολύ σπάνια νόσο, τη Neurobehcet’s Disease, Cancer, με ένα όγκο στον εγκέφαλο και 4 όγκους στην κοιλιά που την ακινητοποίησαν εδώ και χρόνια στο κρεβάτι.

Δυστυχώς δεν μπορεί να γίνει τίποτε γι’ αυτή στην Κύπρο, ούτε οι γιατροί στο Ισραήλ που την πήραν, απομένει μια μικρή ελπίδα σε εξειδικευμένη κλινική στην Αμερική. Το κόστος είναι τεράστιο. Μόνο το κράτος μπορεί να επωμιστεί το εξοδολόγιο για να σωθεί ένας συνάνθρωπός μας, η νεαρή Μαρία-Νεφέλη Δημητρίου.

Η έκκληση της διαδικτυακής ψηφοφορίας απευθύνεται στον Υπουργό Υγείας της Κύπρου,

ξεκίνησε στις 10 Νοεμβρίου από κάποιο/α Μαριλου Α, από την Ελλάδα, μέσον του διαδικτυακού οργανισμού Avaaz, με έκκληση: «Ζητάμε να πάει άμεσα η Μαρία-Νεφέλη Δημητρίου στην Αμερική σε εξειδικευμένη κλινική για θεραπεία».

Η ψηφοφορία έχει ραγδαία ανάπτυξη, ξεπέρασε τις 5.000 θετικούς ψήφους σε 2 μόλις μέρες. Όποιος παρακολουθήσει τη ροή της ψηφοφορίας βλέπει ότι κάθε μερικά δευτερόλεπτα κάποιος ψηφίζει.

Ψήφισε κι εσύ


Τι να περιμένει κανείς από τον Υπουργό Υγείας

Αυτό που απομένει είναι να δούμε πως θα το χειριστεί ο Υπουργός Υγείας, δρ Πετρίδης, ο οποίος δείχνει πραγματική αδιαφορία για τα όσα συμβαίνουν γύρω του. Το γνωρίζω αυτό από τα όσα συμβαίνουν με τον αγώνα μας: Να κάνει το Κράτος Κρατικά Ακτινοθεραπευτικά. 175 μέρες έξω από το προεδρικό και προσπερνά αχάμπαρος, ωσάν να μη συμβαίνει τίποτε. Και όταν τον ρωτούν γιατί δεν κάνει κάτι … το ψέμα το έχει στην άκρη των χειλιών του. Ακούστε μερικά ψέματά του:

-          Οι συνεργάτες του (Χρ. Ανδρέου) στο διοικητικό συμβούλιο του ΕΛ.Α-ΖΩ παραδέχονται ότι το Υπουργείο έχει δίκαιο αλλά αυτός δεν μεταπείθεται. Απ. Τα μέλη του ΔΣ τον προκάλεσαν δημόσια να πει ποιος και πότε είπε κάτι τέτοιο αλλά αυτός το αποφεύγει …γιατί απλά ψεύδεται.

-          Πήγα στο ΟΚΤΚ και μου είπαν ότι δεν έχει λίστες αναμονής! Απ. Παρομοίωσης: Ρωτάς τον δολοφόνο αν έκανε φόνο τι θα σου πει; Ασφαλώς ότι όλα βαίνουν καλώς! Έκανε έρευνα να δει; Ασφαλώς όχι, έχει τη διαβεβαίωση των καρκινο-νονών.

-          Ο πληθυσμός της Κύπρου είναι 600.000 και δεν χρειαζόμαστε άλλο ακτινοθεραπευτικό!!! Απ.Θεός φυλάξει! Ο πληθυσμός είναι 862.000, επιπλέον έχουμε 90.000 Τ/Κ που τους παρέχουμε ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ιατρική περίθαλψη και άλλους 150.000 περίπου ξένους νόμιμους και παράνομους. Εκτός κι αν ως άλλος Ηρώδης σκοτώσει κάποιες χιλιάδες για να λιγοστέψουν… οι ανάγκες.

-          Τα λεφτά τα έφαγε η προηγούμενη Κυβέρνηση. Απ. Ψέμα, τα λεφτά είναι δεσμευμένα και σύμφωνα με τον Νόμο κανένας δεν μπορεί να τα αγγίξει εκτός για τον σκοπό που ψηφίστηκαν, δηλαδή για ακτινοθεραπευτικά κι αυτό μετά από τη αποδέσμευση από την Κοινοβουλευτική Επιτροπή Οικονομικών.

-          Θα φέρουμε ειδική από την Αυστραλία να μας πει τις ανάγκες, αφού κανένας από αυτούς που έκαναν μελέτες δεν αναφέρει ότι χρειαζόμαστε άλλα ακτινοθεραπευτικά! Απ. Έγιναν πάνω από 4 μελέτες, ΟΛΕΣ έδειξαν ότι έχουμε ανάγκη από 7 Γραμμικούς Επιταχυντές το λιγότερο και η αγαπημένη του Τράπεζα έχει μόνο 3. Ψάχνει να βρει και να πληρώσει κάποιο για να του πει ότι χρειαζόμαστε λιγότερα ακτινοθεραπευτικά. Ποια θα είναι η προμήθεια δεν γνωρίζουμε ακόμη.

Φίλοι μου, δεν θα αναφέρω άλλα ψέματα του Υπουργού, τα μαζεύω και θα τα εκδώσω ως τιμητικό αφιέρωμα στις ψευδολογίες του με τον γιορτασμό της αποχώρησής του από το Υπουργείο Υγείας, προτού το διαλύσει εντελώς, που ελπίζω να είναι σύντομα.

Κύριε Υπουργέ είπατε πολλά ψέματα, πρέπει επιτέλους να πείτε και καμιά αλήθεια

και να σταματήσετε τα παραμύθια. Διαλύσατε σχεδόν την  Κύπρο με την αδιαφάνεια,

τις μίζες και τα έτσι θέλω σας. Ως εδώ και μη παρέκει!


Χρ. Ανδρέου

Πρόεδρος του Συνδέσμου Καρκινοπαθών ΕΛ.Α-ΖΩ

Απεργός έξω από το Προεδρικό Μέγαρο για 175 μέρες


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